Meet the wonderfully talented artists who contributed to this site.

Sonya Filimonova

Sonya was born and raised in Russia. This godforsaken country holds a special place in her heart and in her artwork as well. The main reason why she decided to pursue art as a career is that she was good at literally nothing else. This led her to Oakville, Canada where she currently studies animation. She only has one hope for the future - to someday repay her parents for giving her the chance to pursue an education abroad.

Featured illustrations - November 2016

'The Maiden Voyage of the Laissez-Faire'

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by Matt Hall

Franco Bonthuis

Franco is a student of animation and cinema. He's been an illustrator since he was big enough to pick up a pencil. He truly loves what he does and hopes everyone enjoys the illustrations.

Featured illustrations - October 2016

'The Lake'

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by Matt Hall

Francell Garrote

Francell is from the Philippines. He’s a professional motion artist and illustrator who works at 360 digital. In his spare time he enjoys drawing and working on other freelance projects. He’s pretty much a 24/7 art machine! You can check out more of Francell’s work and contact him through his site

Featured illustrations - September 2016

"The Psychodynamics of Conformity and Uncertainty"

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Ida Softic

Ida is a professional engineer of photography, a digital artist, and an amateur writer. Her experience includes game design, 2D illustration, branding/fashion photography, and tattoo design. She is also a very talented comic book artist. Her projects have been featured in 3 solo exhibitions along with 30+ collective exhibitions. Her skill has been acknowledged with an international photo award and several contest awards. Check out her other work:

or reach out to her:



Featured illustrations - March 2016


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by Matt Hall

Alyssa Cooper

Alyssa is a professionally trained artist and graphic designer, combining a traditional foundation with modern flair. She began studying art in 2008, attending York University in Toronto for two years, where she studied visual arts with a major in painting and drawing. In 2010, she transferred to the Advanced Graphic Design program at Durham College in Oshawa, where she received multiple awards for her illustrative abilities. After graduating in 2013, she relocated to Kingston, Ontario, where she is currently self employed as a freelance designer and illustrator. Her print designs have been used prominently by a number of local and international companies, and her illustrations can be seen in prominent publications, such as Postscripts to Darkness, an Ottawa-based anthology, and Ontario Garlic, a title by History Press. Alyssa’s portfolio can be found at her website,, and she can be contacted directly by email at You can also like her work on Facebook.

Featured Illustrations -  February, 2016


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by Matt Hall

Camilo Sandoval

Camilo is from Medellín, Colombia.  His first memory is picking up a pencil to draw and he hasn’t put it down since.  He’s currently a visual artist and graphic designer, but the two things he loves most in life are illustrating and teaching. He’s been working as a teacher for almost ten years. His dream is to publish his own comic /children book or work as a concept artist for movies or video games.  Check out Camilo's work here

Featured Illustrations -  January, 2016

'Takeoffs and Landings'

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by Matt Hall