Second Story Just Launched!

Hey Readers!

Our second story is now available at the Current Story tab. This month's story is about an unlikely friendship in a small town. But, is their more below the surface?

It's written by Seth Marlin and Illustrated by Alyssa Cooper. Check out out more about them at The Talent tab!

And if you missed the ending of last month's wonderful story 'Takeoffs and Landings,' you can now check it out in it's entirety in the Past Stories tab. I guarantee you will not expect the ending!

First Story!!!

Hello Readers!!!

Welcome to Monthly Fiction! We're very excited that you popped in to check out our very first story! It's called Takeoffs and Landings. It's a wonderful short story about a woman's trip to New York City... but who exactly is she?... and why is she REALLY traveling to the city? Stick around until the end of the month to find out! 

It's written by Deborah Burke and Illustrated by Camilo Sandoval. To find out more about these talented folks, check out 'The Talent' section. 

To begin reading, just click Current Story

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